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Antonio Simone

Antonio Simone is an award-winning pianist, composer and recording artist who originates from Capua, a city which is situated about 25 miles north of Naples, in Italy. He began his musical training at nine years of age as a classical piano student. Essentially self-taught as a composer, Antonio wrote and publicly performed some of his first works whilst in his teens, also participating as a pianist in numerous music competitions with much success. At the age of nineteen he gained his “Diploma in Piano” from the Conservatory of Music, achieving the highest possible marks."Music expresses feeling and thought, without language; it was below and before speech, and it is above and beyond all words." (Robert G. Ingersoll) Antonio's music is varied, but the terms Classical, Neoclassical New Age, Classical crossover, Contemporary and Ambient could be applied to his work, whilst realising that his original work is unique and thus does not fall into any one particular category. Antonio has been inspired in the past by the work of classical musicians such as Bach, Chopin, Mozart, Debussy and contemporary ones like Einaudi, Gagnon, Kuramoto, Lanz and Sakamoto. However, in addition to their influence he draws his material from the gamut of life's experiences, with all the emotions which these evoke, and his music is thus very expressive and emanates from the heart. Indeed, his first album "Life Colours " , which was released in June 2010, is very much a reflection of his philosophy and style, containing original solo piano music he composed, arranged and performed. "Life Colours is a fusion of classical and new age piano styles, which gives the music an accessible yet complex quality that I really love. Antonio Simone’s playing is confident and beautifully expressive - a pianist’s pianist, if you will. This is music that is too good to be relegated to background music. Get comfortable, close your eyes, and enjoy the lovely musical journey.” (Kathy Parsons, Mainlypiano.com) The titles of Antonio's work give us some glimpse into the inspiration behind the different tracks, however he chooses never to be precise about the subject matter of his material, prefering to leave their interpretation to the individual listener, encouraging imagination and innovative thought. In the past, for over a decade, the practising of Music Therapy and training others to undertake it have featured greatly in Antonio's life, and he has regarded this as an important tool to enable better communication with individuals who experience specific difficulties. He is now concentrating on composing music for piano (as well as other instruments in various different styles) and performing in public concerts, recitals, house concerts, etc. In June 2011 he performed in London at The People's Music Awards finals at the Scala, having achieved much success in this international competition and winning in his category Folk/Jazz/ Classical/World Music with “Kendra's Song”, an original composition for solo piano which is featured in his debut album. His second album, "Step By Step", has been released in June 2012.

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